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What you should bring to your first appointment

  • GP referral (including parent referral if applicable)

  • Medicare / private health fund details

  • A list of current/ previous treatments and medications (if applicable)

  • Previous letters or correspondences, school reports, assessments by previous doctors or health professionals (eg, speech pathologist, occupational therapist).

Please note that these can be emailed to us on BEFORE your first appointment.


The MEDICARE SAFETY NET (and how it applies to you)

  • The Medicare Safety Net scheme enables the Federal Government to meet 80% of your out of pocket costs for all medical services delivered out of hospital after an individual or family has spent $2414 in fees for all Medicare-related services delivered (out of hospital) in a calendar year (or $770.30 if you are a concession card holder or family receiving family tax benefit (A)).

  • Medicare will automatically keep track of your payments when you lodge your claims.  However, to be eligible, your family must be registered for the safety net. We strongly encourage you to do this, and a registration form can be filled in and lodged with Medicare. The form is only necessary for families, as individuals are automatically enrolled for the safety net.

  • You can also contact Medicare on 1800 011 163, or visit their website for further information


Medicare Claims and NDIS:

Appointments with your doctor are not eligible for NDIS funding. Eton Place is not a registered NDIS provider. We require full payment on the day of your appointment. If applicable, it is your responsibility to seek reimbursement from NDIS.

Should you wish to receive a rebate for your appointment, we can submit a claim to Medicare for you automatically at time of payment, given you have a valid referral. You should receive your rebate within 24-48 hours of payment. 


Rescheduling or Cancelling an appointment


Telehealth Appointments

  • In appropriate circumstances, we do offer the option of telehealth appointments. When you receive a reminder for your appointment, please ensure that you specify if you would like this to occur via telehealth (Zoom or phone). We require prepayment for all telehealth appointments. 


Bulk-billing Policy

  • Unfortunately, we are not a bulk-billing service and appointments must be paid in full on the day of service. Appointments with the independent clinicians (doctors and allied health professionals) are eligible for a Medicare rebate. Fees vary between our clinicians and appointments are billed according to time and length of the consultation. Please contact reception to obtain the fee breakdown for your doctor or allied health professional. 


Ensuring you have a valid referral

  • Although the staff at Eton Place will do their very best to remind patients about referrals, please note that it is the your responsibility to ensure that your referral is valid and up to date. Hence, please ensure you check this prior to attending your appointments.

  • Please note that referrals from your GP are valid for 12 months, whilst referrals from non-GP specialists are valid for 3 months. The date of your first appointment with your psychiatrist is the starting date of your referral (not the date written on your referral).


Needing your script renewed

Repeat prescriptions without a consultation will only be issued in certain circumstances. It may be medically necessary to organise an appointment,  either in person or by telehealth consultation. Please contact reception for further information. To avoid running out of medication, please ensure you contact us well in advance before finishing your current script. 


Feeling ill or sick 

Please DO NOT attend Eton Place if you are unwell with symptoms of COVID or have a cough/ runny nose/ fever etc.  Please call or email us to discuss your options. If necessary, your appointment can be changed from face-to-face to telehealth.

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