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Eton Place Registrar Access Program 

The Registrar Access Program at Eton Place is a service that offers patients and their families access to high-quality, timely and affordable private psychiatric treatment with a senior (advanced) child and adolescent psychiatry registrar.

Eton Place is one of the few child and adolescent private outpatient clinics which has been granted accreditation, for child and adolescent advanced psychiatry training by the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists. This means, senior registrars within our program have undertaken and completed all of the assessments required, in order to proceed to advanced child and adolescent psychiatric training. They have a passion and strong interest in child and adolescent mental health in private practice psychiatry, having chosen to sub-specialise in this area.

They will usually be within twelve months of obtaining their complete qualifications as a child and adolescent psychiatrist (Specialist Psychiatrist) and are supervised by senior psychiatrists (both within the practice and externally).

For further information, please contact the clinic.

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