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Nationwide Vyvanse Shortage

If you have been impacted by the nationwide shortage of Vyvanse, it is very important you read the below BEFORE contacting the clinic.


Your options include:


  • Booking an appointment with your doctor at Eton Place to discuss next steps, whether that is: changing your dosage, type of stimulant etc. This may be a telehealth or in-person appointment, depending on circumstances. Please note that, as some of our doctors are away or have reduced their clinic time during the holiday period, there may be a wait time for this.

  • Contact your general practitioner – your general practitioner will have received correspondence from your doctor at Eton Place and may potentially be able to help develop a plan with you. Please ensure you contact your GP practice to confirm this. 

  • If you have recently seen your specialist (in the last 2 weeks), you may be able to obtain a new script without the need for a review appointment (depending on individual circumstances). Please note that, given the unprecedented current administrative workload, there may be a fee for this service, in addition to a 3-5 business day turnaround time.

Please call the clinic on (07) 3736 1268 if you need to discuss the above options further. 

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